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I had been experiencing a litany of things within a month span that had me pretty clogged up. I knew I needed reiki but wanted a new experience with a new person.  During meditation I got a message to reach out to bob. Our session was an hour and it felt like 10 minutes. I fell asleep which meant I felt safe and just allowed my body to give and revive what needed to move. I began to heal finally and move away from heaviness that was weighing me down. Thank you bob I look forward to working with you again.
- Anthony V
New York, NY

“Working in the fashion industry and living in New York City is enough to ensure perpetual anxiety and insomnia for anyone.  Feelings of depression, negativity and anger were just a few effects of this fast paced life and my previous trauma.  Working with Bob recently with in-person reiki sessions has changed my perception of these 'effects of life'.  Just after the first session, I immediately felt more like my true self - positive, happy, and inspired.  The stuck lost feeling evaporated and I literally felt energy pulsing through my body, not to mention being able to sleep through the night!  Bob is a genuine and compassionate healer whom I cannot recommend enough.”   
- Melissa G
New York, NY

"The first time Bob did a distance Reiki session on me, was while I was in the Emergency Room on a Sunday. I was in a great deal of pain in my hip and left leg with a headache and a strange sensation of tingling and cold on the left hemisphere of my head and body. He called me and asked if I was able to be still for 15 minutes and open to receiving treatment. I was as willing as the suffering can be. I turned off my phone and lay still just focussed on this thread of hope. Within a few minutes, I took a deep breath like I was breaking out of the water and coming up for air. My breathing stopped being shallow and hurried. I felt calm, and the weight of the headache lifted. I felt a luminous bubble of peace surrounding me. I was amazed and relieved by this sense of well-being. I went through a head and a hip cat scan, EKG, and MRI of the lower back, nothing that warranted a longer stay in the hospital. I was discharged quickly. Distance Reiki with Bob is a blessing."
- Laurence C.
Nyack, NY

Your distance Reiki treatments were a great help post-operatively with a hip replacement.  I am both grateful and blessed that our paths were destined to cross.
Bedfordshire, U.K.


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